Wednesday, January 10, 2007


2007 is upon us and it is time to think about training hard and racing like mad !! Here is the rad new Speed Theory Kit design:

This is the design of the SpeedTheory Cycling Uniform for this year. It is totally great, Discovery Channel has already ripped off a similar (but not as cool) design. We will be ordering Cycling Jackets, Jerseys, Shorts and Bib shorts.

The uniforms will be provided at cost to all team members. We estimate the prices of each piece to be: Jersey ($60), Cycling jacket ($100), shorts ($60), bib shorts ($75), but the actual costs will be based on the final layout and numbers ordered.

The ABA requires that you at least wear a team jersey, so this is your minimum order.
We are putting in the order immediately on January 12th .

The ABA applications are also now available, so now is the time to commit to your 2007 race season with SpeedTheory!

So here is what you need to do:

1.) Check out the new gear and get pumped. Talk up the team to friends and encourage them to come and race with you.

2.) Look at the race calendar to get even more psyched. Remember there are also the Crankmaster's TimeTrials we compete in as well.

3.) Download the ABA application form and fill it out.

4.) Decide what pieces of clothing you want. There is no maximum, but the minimum is one jersey.

5.) Write a cheque for $160 (ABA license + club fee) plus a deposit of 50% of your clothing order to 'Sub2 Sports Inc.'.

6.) Drop off the application form, your cheque, and a piece of paper with your clothing order (what pieces and sizes) to Speed Theory by January 12th.

7.) I repeat JANUARY 12th.

Train smart and race hard,